Sales and promotions for an unbeatable marketing strategy!

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Promozioni in una strategia di marketing integrata


Attract new customers and retain existing ones with discounts and promotions.

Within an effective sales strategy, promotions cannot be missing: they help you give resonance to your brand, build customer loyalty and are really useful for encouraging the purchase of unsold goods.

In physical stores there are signs, labels, window stickers… to communicate promotional initiatives and discounts. On e-commerce sites it is not much different: colored banners, pop-up forms, etc. they are more than good communicators of the advantages of the moment.

Promotions are a real magnet for customers, no matter what type of business you run.

To each his own promotion

There are countless types of promotion. Here are some of the most frequent:

  • Percentage Discount: A discount is applied to the product. It is the typical promotion of the sales period
  • If you buy at least N of these products, you don’t pay for the cheapest one
  • If you spend at least X euros, you will get a free product/you will get a discount/you do not pay shipping
  • Combo of products at single price (e.g. complete menu for €10)
  • Loyalty card: for every N products of the same type purchased, one is free. This is the classic case of pizzerias: every 10 pizzas, a margherita pizza is free
  • Loyalty points: the purchase of each product adds points to your profile. Once you have reached a certain number of points, you can request a product/discount/service

The choice depends on the type of business and clientele: for example, commercial establishments such as clothing stores and supermarkets prefer percentage discounts and loyalty points. Pizzerias, bars, ice cream parlors…, on the other hand, they prefer to adopt loyalty cards: the products sold are not essential, customers buy them for a treat and, seeing the stampings increase on the card, reminds them to come back often.

The promotions also change according to the period of the year and the anniversary: there are sales months, Black Friday, holidays that aim to promote specific products, seasonal changes in which many businesses tend to empty the warehouse…

In short, within a winning sales strategy, the types of promotions alternate and overlap to achieve the most varied objectives. All with extreme flexibility.

Promozioni e sconti

Can an app be flexible enough to handle all these promotions?

The giant leaps made by information technology in recent years guarantee enormous flexibility for digital tools and pave the way for experimentation and innovative projects.

Jaqui is no less and allows the management of a promotional strategy at 360°: from communication in the app to the management of different types of promotion.

Through the Communications function, in fact, you can inform your customers of promotions in progress or about to begin, also choosing the level of visibility to be attributed. In fact, you can decide whether to publish an ad on the homepage, in the news section or directly on the daily offer in the form of a banner.

As for the setting of the promotions, you can define all the details related to their functioning and duration, with maximum flexibility!