Jaqui, your digital business is here!

Imagine a digital showcase for your business, an e-commerce platform, a management software for defining the offer, a system for managing orders and communicating with your customers … Jaqui is all this and more!


Jaqui is the customizable service that allows you to reach your customers wherever they are.
You define the offer through the dedicated back office platform, they order comfortably from the app.

Optimize the sales process

With Jaqui you can manage the entire sales process from the dedicated back office platform: from the definition of the offer to the management of orders. List the products and services, establish prices, preparation and delivery times, availability… and when an order arrives, mark the processing steps to let the customer know when it is ready for the pick up! You can also print the labels to be affixed on the packages and the documents useful for tax management.

Improve the shopping experience of your customers

The shopping experience of your customers improves too! They will always have the list of your products and services available and will be able to choose, based on the payment methods you have chosen, whether to pay directly on the app or on collection. In a few steps they will be able to complete the order.
In addition, they will always be updated on the status of the request and will be able to communicate directly with you, to get information or provide you with feedback.

An app for your customers

Stay closer to your customers with the Jaqui app.
They will be able to see your products, the services you offer, place orders, stay up to date on news and all in a few moments.
The app is accessible from both desktop and mobile to always be available and meet the preferences of each user.

A back office for you

Use the back office to configure your offer.
It is the dedicated tool that allows you to define your offer independently and update it whenever you need it. You will be able to list and describe services and products, download useful material for tax management, define extra items (food and wine products, merchandising, etc.), communicate news and promos to your customers and much more!


Jaqui is the service you are looking for!


Do you have a restaurant, a bar, an ice cream parlor, a diner … and would you like to always be reachable by your customers?

We can help you out.


Are you looking for a tool to show customers your product list and manage reservations?

We have the solution.

Events and services

Are you looking for a way to speed up the ordering process for your services and optimize their management from booking to delivery?

Jaqui is here for you.


Digital offer

Your customers will be able to know your offer and book your services wherever they are.


You have full decision-making powers with Jaqui. You choose what to show to your customers and when to edit the content.


No advanced computer knowledge required: Jaqui is simple and intuitive.


Optimize order management from the moment they are placed to delivery.


You can customize the look of the app to adapt it to the graphic lines of your brand!

Value added

Times change and digital innovation advances. Don’t be left behind!


Digital list of your products and / or services

Communications, news and promos

Easy to use back office platform

Unlimited number of products and / or services

Unlimited changes to the list

Order management

Multilingual function

Assistance service

Possibility of online payments

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