Services and Events

Give the order process a boost!

Do you have a cleaning company? Do you offer catering services? Or do you take care of setting up spaces, organizing events, deliveries, etc.?

What can you do with Jaqui?

  • Show customers your offer and update it whenever you want
  • Define custom services
  • Add extra products to the offer (gadgets, accessories, etc.)
  • Offer your customers a practical and time-saving tool for ordering your services/products
  • Manage orders from request to delivery
  • Foresee the life-time value of your customers
  • Download the reports for tax management
  • Communicate with users
  • Publish news

Here are some features you can request for your app:


A list of on-site services (business concierge, setting up of conference rooms, organizing weddings and parties, etc.).


A list of services dedicated to the food world, ideal if you deal with catering, business dinners, wedding banquets …


A list of products that remains fixed every day.

Fai emergere il tuo business

A flexible app to meet all your customers

You can define your offer in detail to help your customers choose or to make the service even more complete with Jaqui. For example, you can offer extra servicesor useful products (for example, if you offer a company cleaning service, you can give your customers the opportunity to also request a refill of soap, fresh flowers in the office for special occasions, etc…) or settings to choose from to better define the details of the service.

Personalize Jaqui with the distinctive features of your brand. The interface can take on the look you want: you can choose to show your logo, use your color palette … So your customers will be able to recognize you at first glance.

Help your customers reach you!

The time has come to open the doors of your business to the world of the web. With Jaqui, your customers will be able to order your services in comfort without leaving home. How?

Digital touchpoint

Give your customers an easy way to discover and request your services. Jaqui is a 360 ° flexible solution! You can define your offer in detail, with variations and any extras. Based on your availability, customers can choose when and where to benefit from the service, communicating special needs to you through the dedicated chat.

Customer care

Stay in touch with your customers through news, communications and chat! You can let them know if there are promotions, discounts or changes in the service and receive feedback and requests to improve your offer more and more.

Manage the service

Establish times and availability to guarantee your customers an efficient and optimal service. With Jaqui you can keep them informed about the state of preparation and the completion of the required activities.