Food services

Digital service, real taste!

Customers will be able to order your specialties anywhere and will have a digital menu always at hand.

What can you do with Jaqui?

  • Define your offer and update it when you want
  • Add extra products to the offer (wines, craft beers, preserves, etc.)
  • Manage orders from request to delivery
  • Organize the work in the kitchen in the best possible way
  • Manage the custom preparation of dishes
  • Check the number of entries in your seat
  • Download the reports for tax management
  • Communicate with users
  • Publish news

Here are the main features:


Users can reserve their seat.


A daily list of dishes / products available, which can be reserved and consumed on the spot.


Users can book snacks and drinks to give themselves a break.


A daily list of dishes / products that can also be taken home to have lunch and dinner ready.


A quick meal alternative, which users can enjoy wherever they like.


It is possible to view the Daily Menu for consultation only on a touchscreen monitor or tablet.


An offer that remains fixed every day. These are sealed products (such as canned drinks, canned goods, etc.) and of other nature (for example, products from the company store).


A fixed list of on-site services (catering, tastings, etc.).

Manage the turnout, improving the user experience

Do you want to avoid crowding in the club and queues at the counter? Our service allows you to manage the flow of customers and bookings with ease. Based on your availability, customers can choose the day and time to collect their order or consume the specialties of your restaurant on the spot.

Reduce waiting times and improve the shopping experience of your customers with Jaqui!

Digital touchpoint

Limit the turnout to your place, but don’t limit your customers! With Jaqui you can determine how many people enter and when.

Expand your clientele

Break down time and physical boundaries. Customers can order when they want and wherever they are.

Customer care

Keep in touch with your customers through news, promos, communications and a chat!

Fai emergere il tuo business

Make your brand stand out.

Jaqui is customizable according to your needs: from the set of functions you choose to activate, to its interface.

Show your logo and let’s define the color palette together to bring out the personality of your brand and your values!